Dear Students, Parents, Friends, Family, and those special brass players

Conversations in practice room these days have been about vocalizes, ornamentation, and riffs. Books exist out there so we practice them just as diligently as our repertoire.
Here is a link to an article about vocalizes. It mentioned a book I have had on my shelf for a while. Time to whip it out!!!
Quote from piece:
“While fewer singers are employing vocalises, a great deal of the finest vocalises from our rich history have been adopted by brass players to be used as études for perfecting their technique and musicianship. Books of vocalises by Concone and Bordogni in particular have been reedited for use for trumpet, trombone, tuba, horn, etc. It’s no mystery why brass players have such an affinity for the vocalises of our own singing tradition: they work.”
Recommended 1-25.

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