Singing Lessons

I am excited to have you as my student. Warwick, NY is my home and I enjoy servicing this community and the surrounding areas of Greenwood Lake, Monroe, Highland Mills, and Tuxedo. The Hudson Valley has a rich heritage and appreciation for the arts. I am so grateful to be here with you. I value my relationship with my students and I am going to work to ensure that the time and effort you put into our time together is fruitful.

I teach both the science and art of singing, as well as the passion to learn. During my past 20 years of teaching, I have discovered the exhilaration students obtain when they exceed their own expectations. I challenge each of my students to expand their vocal knowledge. I am continuously aware that I am developing your musical ear and that objective listening develops a solid foundation for singing. The relationship between a student and teacher is one of equal respect. I encourage each student to be inquisitive. I invite questions. To sing clearly and authentically, one must approach their practice honestly. My main job is to meet the student wherever they are and then carry them beyond their current boundaries.

I currently study–yes, study–with Aaron Hagan,

who has worked closely with the likes of Ariana Grande and Meghan Trainor. I have recently completed the NY Singing Teacher’s Association Comparative Voice Pedagogy Intensive, attended summer programs at Eastman School of Music, and participated in countless workshops pertaining to vocal pedagogy.


Shout Outs!

A big SHOUT out to the team!

Congrats to the following students for daring greatly, auditioning, and stepping out:

*Brett Laderman for landing the lead, DANNY in “Xanadu” at Helen Hayes
*Ethan Laderman for ZEUS in “Xanadu”
*Sam Emr for TERPSICHORE in “Xanadu”
*Kayden Manson for ENSEMBLE part in the senior cast of “Heathers”

*Matthew Dovico for making the prestige Jubilate Choir who will be performing at Carniege Hall

*Deirdre Dunkin for VANESSA in “In the Heights” with Acting Out Playhouse

*Will Odell for USNAVI

*Paige Kent for DANIELA


*Olivia Sambataro for COSETTE in “Les Miserable” with Stage Act in NYC

In addition, come hear Momma teacher sing on October 14th at the Seligman Center’s Surreal Masquerade Party and on December 3rd as the alto soloist of Handel’s MESSIAH at West Point.

Let’s go team in hopes to making the world a more beautiful place through sound and emotion.

And to all the others who are reaching for the ⭐️⭐️⭐️s.