“Mrs. Tate is a great voice teacher! She is warm, friendly and very encouraging. I feel so comfortable working with her and talking to her. She’s helped my voice grow by pushing me beyond what I think my limits are and giving me a variety of vocal exercises to do. She also has me sing in different languages. Because of Mrs. Tate, my range has grown a lot, and I have more confidence in my singing ability. I like to perform in musicals, and she’s very supportive and flexible in helping me prepare for auditions. I just love her and recommend her highly. ”

— Brooke Van Aulen, age 14


“Almost 10 years ago now, I was a teenager who had an affinity for singing, but lacked the confidence and the finessed skill to reach my full vocal potential. And then I met Kathryn.

Her warm and gracious nature helped put me at ease from our first lesson, and her passion for singing was so evident from the start, it me all the more excited to learn from her. Kathryn’s methods for teaching made you forget about your level of knowledge or skill so you could really focus on your vocal goals and have fun in the process. And she has an extensive repertoire and expertise in so many types of music, from opera and arias in foreign languages to musicals written for the stage, which helped me as a vocalist in high school choral competitions and drama club musicals. And she’s not afraid to push the limits! She helped me realize how wide my vocal range really was, and the gorgeous sounds that could come out of you (quite surprisingly) with practice and confidence.

All in all, I’m proud and happy to call Kathryn my friend and the person responsible for giving me a new perspective on my singing I wasn’t able to see before working with her. She challenged me, nurtured my vocal development and gave me a revitalized my passion for singing that I still carry with me to this day.”

— Allison (29) of San Franciso, CA


“Kathryn Tate worked with me for several months in preparation for my singing Carmina Burana with a group of singers in the festival of the Aegean, and for vocal coaching for my career as a local soloist. I am over 65 so I am no newcomer to coaches. She is a most patient, caring and informative teacher, qualities very important to technique, but she was most impressive to me for her convincing critique of my abilities as a songstress, always praising and encouraging. I have had a few vocal coaches in my lifetime and found them all lacking in one or several essential areas, but not so with Kathryn. She is a true professional in every sense of the word.”

— Betty (65) of Warwick, NY


“Through working with Kathryn Tate, my child has developed independence, confidence, and trust in her ability as a singer. She has also learned to be more outgoing. My child’s ability to perform and to explore new things has increased. Kathryn’s approach is commendable and highly trusted.”

— Yadira, Sierra’s (9) mother of Highland Mills, NY