Good Thursday Morning!

I want to share with you this great new app. The app is called “Pitch Graph” by Martin Britz. For only $0.99, you could collect the pitches from around the house. My tea kettle whistles at B6.

You can follow your pitch variation and observe your pitch accuracy. Orange is for below, green means right on pitch, and red means above pitch. We aim for green and red while a spin in the red. What I love about this app is that you can record and listen to yourself sing while following along with your vocal line.

How accurate were you!

I also appreciate the live action of this app. While singing, you can correct your pitch variation. Then, listen to it. You can hear your own voice correct your itself.

This app is a helpful tool. I have heard that when singers are pitchy, it has more to do with technique. I somewhat agree. I think we could also add a little ear training is important too!

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