do less with more focus

Here is a thought. Like comcentrated orange juice in a can, our minds are more powerful if we do not water it down. –me

This past week I have asked all of you to start bringing a device which records portions of your lesson. We have timed it and have agreed on that amount of time a day to practice. Some have just 2 minutes. Perfect! I simply want all of you to be present when you work on this song, section of a song, or particular exercise.

I mention DAILY! Everytime you speak or song you are using your voice to share, inform, or persuade. We would alarmed to think of only brushing our teeth once a week.

Here is a dancers mantra I like:

If I don’t dance for one day, I know it; if I don’t dance for two days, my teacher knows it; if I don’t dance for three days, everybody knows it!

Your voice is a muscle. Use it wisely daily.

Now, go practice!

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